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If it is the first time you travel to Paris you are going to be astonished about how expensive it can get. You will probably want to have lunch in Paris without being ripped-off or maybe you don’t want to eat in typical touristic places in the Latin Quarter. If you keep reading you will be able to discover the best places where you can have lunch in Paris for everyone’s pocket. Click here if you want to find out the best free things you can do in Paris.

If you are around Le Marais…

I encourage you to go to two of my 4 favourite places to eat in the french capital. The first one without a doubt is Café Charlot. I found it going through Instagram and it was de first place where I ate when I moved to Paris. My friend, an unknown person for me in that moment, Andrea, came with me and I still remember those Oeufs Benedictines. You can have them with french fries or with salad. They are the best ones I’ve tried. (15€). The steak tartare is also really nice and about the burguer I just have nothing to say. Just have a look at the picture and you will understand. (It’s a bit expensive though 20€). This café it’s not the cheapest place to eat in Paris but it is an authentic parisian café, in the middle of a bohemian quarter, with rounded tables in the terrace and a red awning.

My favorite place is Season. It’s a lovely café. It’s normally full and you have to wait in line but they have loads of tables. There you can find gluten free meals made with organic ingredients. I love it. Their pancakes, the quinoa and avocado salad and the green pizza are the best ones. 




Just a few metro stops away from Le Marais you will find  République. It is the place where you will find a perfect restaurant to eat healthy and for good value. It’s called République Of Coffee. It is a lovely place, the deco is simply amazing and it is also gluten-free and vegan friendly. It’s sooooo good. I ordered a California Bowl with Green Tea for drink. The bowl is rice and quinoa based with sweet potato, kale chips, purple cabbage, fresh cheese, creamy black beans, a selection of greens, radish, fresh cactus, (yes, fresh cactus), avocado and fresh home organic pickles. Everything for only 13€. You have to see what it looks like. It’s really big.  

If you are coming to Paris looking for some healthy, vegetarian or vegan food this is definitely your place. 


République of Coffee

If you want to have a quick breakfast nearby you can head to Ob-la-di. It is not that cheap, but the avo toasts taste amazing. You can also go to Fragments for a good breakfast in Paris. Their scrambled eggs and the avocado toast are my favorite dishes.

Speaking of breakfast, Marcel is also a really good option to have breakfast in Paris. Prices are fair for the quantity of the dishes. They have 2 or 3 different locations, in Montmartre and in Canal Saint Martin.  

The Açaí bowls are super trendy nowadays, you can find the best Açaí bowl in Paris in Love Juice Bar in Le Marais.

If you are around the Latin Quarter or Châtelet…

The third place I would like to recommend is very special. It is called Genia and it’s a crêpe bar in the Latin Quarter. I think I went there twice a week. Andrea and I used to look at each other every morning with a «let’s go to hit Genia» face. Genia is probably guilty for the pounds I put on. The best crêpes in Paris for me. The best thing is that, it is soooo cheap. You have a menu for 5€ (two crêpes, sweet one and salted one and a drink). I specially recommend the cheese, ham and egg one. I miss it so much. You won’t find anything as cheap and tasty. There are also other  crêpe places that are very famous such us la Droguerie in Le Marais or Au P’tit Grec. They’re also good but more expensive.

Pd: If you want to meet Spanish people head to Genia. They are all there.

The fourth place I want to talk about is a sushi restaurant. In Paris there are many sushi restaurants but most of them are really expensive. This one is really good. It offers a great value. It is called C’Roll Sushi Beaubourg. It’s just next to Pompidou museum. I can’t count how many times I went there either. 15€ pax. Look at it!


C’Roll Sushi 

Around Châtelet you can also find a place called Le Paradis du Fruit. I only went there once but only because in Paris there are so many place to eat that I wanted to tried all of them. Even though I would have gone back again. The menu is long, they offer combined meals with chicken, salad, eggs, etc. It’s a really nice spot if you want to eat healthy when in Paris and for a reasonable price.


Le Paradis du Fruit

If you are already sick of the parisian gastronomy, so much raclette and fondue that you will probably fancy a pizza. Head to Pizzeria Popolare. The truffle pasta is amazing. 

Finally, I would like to add a place that is a very hidden spot. Only a very few people know about it, but it is surely a 10 for me. It is not a healthy place but, who says we cannot cheat at least once?. It is called Gumbo Yaya, just off Colonel Fabien metro station. I had never tried such tasty chicken waffles in my entire life. The dish is really big so you can share if you don’t like to go back home feeling super full. The dish price is 15€. The picture says it all. 


Gumbo Yaya’s Chicken Waffle,

And that’s all. I hope you’ve liked this post. I would keep writing the entire day because there are so many good places in Paris but I think I actually did a good brief. If you know of any place you think I should mention in my list, please feel free to comment below and share it:)

Thanks for reading me, 


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