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10 free things to do in Paris

Hello everyone!

A lot of people usually ask me tips about the destinations I visit as a result of my experience travelling and drawing upon different cultures and countries. That is the reason why I finally encourage myself to start this blog so you can have access to my adventures and plan your next trips.

I’ll try to address topics related to how to pack light to travel, how to get cheap flight tickets, travel trips, tips and much more.

In this first post I want to talk about one of the most attractive aspects when it comes to travelling. Doing things for free in Paris. I was living in the city for 9 months thanks to an Erasmus scholarship, but we’ll talk more deeply about it in a different post. 

In this post I would like to give ideas and free plans to do in Paris. It is actually a really expensive city, we all know that, but we can also find many free leisure opportunities if you know where to look for it.

  1. There are a lot of free entry museums for EU residents under 25 years old. LouvrePompidou,  l’Orangerie museum, Orsay museum (my favorite indeed), Picasso museum, Quai Branly museum, Rodin museum and Decorative Arts museum.
  2. If you are not really into museums, there are also many free tourist attractions for under 25 years old as the Triumph Arc (with an amazing view from the top), the Versailles Palace, the Pantheon and Père-Lachaise cementery.
  3. Saying hi to the Eiffel Tower during your visit to paris is mandatory. After climbing up to the top and enjoying the views you can also sit along Champ de Mars with a bottle of wine and some food to wait for Eiffel Tower lights to be on.
  4. Walking by the riverside while you have a ham, cheese and egg crêpe or walking through Saint-Honoré street up to the Champs Elysées while the designer stores catch your eye. Here you have a post with the best places where you can eat in Paris.
  5. Strolling around Le Marais on Sunday. It is a very famous spot on Sundays, the atmosphere is simply great and there are extraordinary shops. Surely a must-do in Paris.
  6. Have a walk to Rue Crémieux. It is not well known by the tourists. It’s a lovely street full of small houses painted in pastel colors.
  7. Wander around the streets in Montmartre after visiting Sacré Coeur church and enjoy the street artists.
  8. Visit Víctor Hugo’s house in Le Marais quarter and spend the evening in one of the most charming squares. La Place des Vosges
  9. During August and July the banks of the Seine are filled with sand in order to create the Paris beach. It’s a great idea if it gets too hot.
  10. Going out in Paris. Most of people who travel to Paris don’t know that, but despite of being an expensive city, the best nightclubs don’t charge for admission and the girls can get in for free to every club in Paris. Girls can get in to every club in paris. They can also have free drinks if you get in with a promoter. If you’re interested in that topic feel free to e-mail me to and I will give you more information. I worked as a promoter while living there.

And that’s all for now! I hope you liked it and now you have more ideas about what to do in Paris for free. If you have any doubt you can contact me through my e-mail or send me a direct message to my Instagram account.

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Have a nice week and see you soon!

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