Where to eat in Los Angeles

Where to eat during your trip to California. Healthy restaurants in Los Angeles

Where to have breakfast, lunch or dinner can be one of the main concerns when making a trip. I like to study very well all the places that we’ll go in advance. Nobody likes to spend money in a place that’s not worth it. After my long research and my experience in Los Angeles I’ve decided to write this post to help future travelers. In this post I will write a list of all the restaurants we went and will recommend places concerning prices. Here you will find anything you need to eat in California. Let’s go!  
Day 1

Breakfast. Blue Jam Café

It’s a place to have a strong breakfast. The eggs are their specialty and you can also choose the ingredients to make your own omelette. In addition, they offer many options for vegans. The dishes are sooo big. The restaurant we visited is on Melrose Av. I recommend the «Blue Jam Benedict». Price $15 per person.

Click HERE to see the menu

We went to Alfred Tea Room before having lunch. This is probably one of the most instagramable places in Los Angeles. The places is super cute & the Pink Drink with bobas is amazing. $6 per person.


Best instagram spot in Los Angeles
Alfred Tea Room in Melrose

Lunch: Urth Caffé

This is the trendiest place to have lunch in Los Angeles. The menu offers pizza, pasta, salads, etc. The places it’s known by their salads. It’s commonly said the Kardashians come here often as many other celebrities. It’s in Melrose Avenue. I ordered the «Greek Salad». It was delicious. $17 per person approx.

Dinner: The Albright 

A cute spot found in Santa Monica, right in the famous Pier. If you mean spending the afternoon there this spot is a very good option. I also read a lot about a place called «The Bungalow», but we fancied fried calamari so we went there. They were pretty good. $13 per pers

Where to eat in Los Angeles
Carrera Café en Melrose Av.
Day 2

Breakfast: Backyard Bowls

The best fruit bowls in Los Angeles according to many other travelers. I don’t know if they’re the best ones, but certainly they are delish. If you are looking for a good açaí bowl in Los Angeles, come here and order the «Island Bowl». $11 per person.

Backyard Bowls


Lunch: Zinqué

I think this is my fave place to have lunch. The tuna tartare toast and «Le Bowl». I would never get tired of recommending this place. $17 per person. Click HERE if you want to see the menu. 

Where to eat in Los Angeles

Dinner: Tocaya Orgánica

It wasn’t one of my favorite places but it’s definitely a good option for vegans. They have loads of dishes and it’s even a very healthy option. In my case, I’m not into spicy food but this restaurant it’s known by their spicy dishes. The lemonades are really nice by the way. $10 per person. 

Day 3

Breakfast: Bardonna LA

One of my fave spots too. This place serves the most amazing French Toast I’ve ever tried. Plus, the restaurant is super cozy and has an interior terrace. I think they have a few different locations around Los Angeles. We went to the one in Larchmont. $15 per person appr

Where to eat in Los Angeles
Bardonna LA Larchmont

Lunch: The Great White 

It’s in Venice Beach. It’s a really nice place right in front the «Venice» banner. The «Blue Bowl» is super nice and different. The restaurant offers very nice cali atmosphere. $15 per person

Where to eat in Los Angeles
The Great White

Dinner: Gjelina

I read a lot about this place but I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s without a doubt a loss of your time. I waited there for about an hour to get a table and the food wasn’t just wonderful. It’s an Italian place. The pizza was very good but it’s not worth the wait. Right next to the restaurant they have also opened a take away place where you can only order their pizzas. Here you won’t have to wait to be seated. It’s in Abbot Kinney.

Day 4

Breakfast: Squirl

A place to have a strong breakfast. I ordered «Shakshuka eggs». It was very nice, but maybe too much for breakfast. If you don’t like this place you can also head to egg slut. It’s very well known and very much recommended. $12 per person. 

Where to have breakfast in Los Angeles

We went to California Donuts before having lunch. Apparently they are the best donuts in the United States. They were sooo good and cute that I felt bad about eating them. They’re not cheap though. $4 approx each.

California Donuts

Lunch: In-n-Out

In-n-Out is a must if you go to Los Angeles. You can’t miss it if you are visiting LA. I expected it to be better to be honest but well, you can’t not try them. In mi opinion, the Shake Shack burguers are a lot nicer. Anyway, they are still good. $7 per person approx. 

Where to eat in Los Angeles
In-n-Out Burguer

I hope this restaurant guide in Los angeles has helped you. If you have any recommendations please leave a comment so we’ll all get to know more places. You will never know when you can be back. 

If you are going to visit Los Angeles go & check my post with my trip to Los Angeles.

See you next week!

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